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About Us

We are a place where anyone, from anywhere, who's done anything, can find hope, help, and healing.

At CT|Pasadena, we do more than just church. We gear everything that we do towards people finding freedom in Jesus and discovering their unique design, so that each person can make a difference in their own way. We thrive on creating weekend experiences where you and your family can engage and connect with Jesus, and we love providing weekly opportunities for you to connect with people in a genuine way. "Family By Choice" is one of our favorite sayings because it summarizes how we truly desire to connect to any person, and adopt them into a place where they can belong and be themselves. Scroll down to meet our Campus Pastors and learn more about our family mission.

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Our Mission

"CT" in "CT|Pasadena" stands for Community Transformation. We have a heart to see our city reached for Jesus, where families are restored, relationships are healed, and people are set free from anything holding them back from reaching their full potential in their relationship with God. We know that God has placed unique giftings and talents that "call" them to a specific realm of society that they can influence with the love of Jesus. We structure everything that we do around helping people discover what that is so that our neighborhoods, cities, nation, and the world can come to know the Good News of Jesus Christ.

A Firm Belief

God is love. And no matter who you are, where you come from, what you've done, we believe that God has a purpose and plan for your life to make a difference here on Earth. There is always hope, help, and healing available for you here in our family.

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